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I feel like so many people struggle through life trying to be happy. Happiness isn't and end state.. it's a series of fleeting moments along this crazy journey we call life. It took me so long to realize this but the past few years have been incredible for me. No, I haven't come into wealth or gotten a ton of new stuff or anything else generally associated with happiness.. I've simply changed my outlook. I make it a point to find the positive in things that bring me stress or difficulty. 

I know it's not easy but when you make it a habit, it becomes part of your lifestyle and that is what changes everything. Negative people avoid you because you don't play into their pity parties, negative situations all of a sudden are less overwhelming and even the worst financial troubles somehow become more manageable. 

I hope you try it if you don't already. It truly will change your life for the better. Be cliche and stay positive ;)


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Written By llalla
Added Apr 5 '18